Monday, 12 February 2018

Soil monitoring? It's not enough

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  1. You may see I've also replied to a Twitter comment of yours on cultivations to improve soil health so I saw you had a blog and read your post above.

    I really don't think your getting this, the idea is to improve soil health and soil management and in order to do this you need to look at soil functions in detail. Soil tests form the basis of what limited knowledge we have on soil functions, they are not conclusive but given how little we understand about soil biology they are the best tool we have. I do have considerable experience in soils farming 2000 ha of arable useing every method going from ploughing, through min tillage through to zero tillage and cover crops and I can assure you that the more you think you know about how soils function the more likely you are to get it is an unbelievable difficult area. It's not going to be solved by some plan based on a few forms to fill in I'm afraid.

    I could go on but I will spare you my views on how various NGOs are approaching the subject as I'm frankly horrified by their lack of knowledge. They don't even know what they don't know yet !

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