Friday, 30 December 2011

Ups and downs, stuff etc.

Am I alone in having suffered the pre-Christmas droop and now the post-Christmas blues? Or is it that being compiler of British Wildlife mag's Conservation News, an ecologist and now into sustainable building - I can't do anything or go anywhere without seeing how people have messed up either the natural or built environment. One of the biggest downers as I perambulate the locality (Newbury) are supermarkets and high street stores full of stuff that we already have, knowing full well that old stuff that people have is actually quite new stuff and most of it (the old new stuff) probably ends up in the local tip. (In contrast I am greatly cheered by the shadow retail economy of charity shops.) Then there's the wider economy - based on printing money and creating debt (see the excellent Money is Debt, but be further depressed), and the exponential replacement of people with machines - whether in farming or supermarket checkouts. Is it no wonder there will be a projected 2 million unemployed in 2012?

Be assured that my next blog will be focusing on happy things, to start the New Year off with a glowing warm feeling, and on that note I wish anyone who has bothered to read my babble a healthy, happy and profitable 2012. (A New Year's resolution is to post a new blog at least once week ..)

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